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In Sioux Falls, dental implants are quickly becoming the best way to replace your missing teeth. We are a local business that helps the great people of Sioux Falls achieve the smiles of their dreams. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Dental Implants Sioux Falls

We are so happy that you are here. If you have been struggling with missing teeth, removable dentures, or just don’t like the way your smile looks, Dental Implants Sioux Falls can help. We offer the most popular types of dental implants:

  1. Single Full Size Dental Implants
  2. Mini Dental Implants
  3. Full Size Denture Implants

Our dental implants specialist is trained and well educated. We can make the perfect recommendation for you and provide you with beautiful new dental implants. We offer the lowest dental implant cost Sioux Falls has and the best patient care you find.

About Dental Implants Sioux Falls

You may be asking, ‘what are dental implants?’. Dental implants are a prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. They come in various sizes, shapes and styles. Dental implants consist of a metal post that is often titanium. This post is surgically placed in the jawbone, and your own bone over time adheres to the post, making it a stable new ‘root’. After healing is complete, typically 3-6 months, you have a permanent, custom crown attached to the post.

It is our mission to provide the best dental implants in Sioux Falls and the best patient care. Our goals include:

  • Top of the line: providing the latest technology and equipment is one of our goals so that we can provide a safe and efficient treatment and quality dental implants.Happiness: Being happy with who you are, where you are, and what you are doing is important to us.
  • Outstanding patient care: We care deeply about our patients and want them to have a great experience in our office. We know dental work can be hard for some, which is why we take extra care of you.
  • Consistent: All our staff is trained to do things the same way, so no matter who is helping you, you can be sure you are getting the best care.
  • Community: As a local business, we care about our community, which is why we participate in community activities and get to know the great people of Sioux Falls.

Our patients like to choose us because we the best implant dentist Sioux Falls can offer at great dental implant prices. If you have been searching ‘implant dentistry near me’ or ‘dental implants near me’, look no further! Let us help you today.

Why Choose Us?

We have grown to the experienced, popular dental practice that we are because our patients trust us. We have been recommended to Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We continue to grow because our patients are the best! Important qualities we strive to have include:


The cost of dental implants does not have to be a burden. We take most insurance plans and have great payment plan options to ease your mind.


We take cleanliness to the next level. You can be sure that all the rooms and equipment have been cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized prior to each use.


We offer only the best dental implant systems. Our implants dentists have done countless hours of research and studying to make sure we provide the latest and greatest Sioux Falls dental implants.


We want you to be comfortable in our office. We take extra measures to ensure you are comfortable from sedation options to pillows and blankets. You will be treated great in our office.

If you have been on the fence about getting a dental implant, don’t wait any longer. Dental implants can change your life! They help prevent future bone loss in your jaw that naturally happens with missing teeth. They provide stability, function and can help with speech. Dental implants also look amazing! Let us get you the most affordable dental implants Sioux Falls can offer! Call us today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

What To Expect

We strive to provide the highest quality of service and materials in our office. Our patients choose us because we have great dental implant prices, the best dentists for implants, and the best patient care. Here is what to expect when you contact us:

We are able to give a very rough estimate over the phone, but since each patient is different and has different needs, to get the most accurate estimate you will need to be seen for a consultation. We do consultations before any treatment is recommended. These appointments give us the most information and help us recommend the best dental implant for you.

At the consultation, we take high-resolution radiographs and do an examination of the area(s) you want dental implants. We take measurements to know what size and shape of dental implant to place and make sure to answer any questions you have. After a treatment plan is put together, we can get you an accurate estimate.

The dental implant procedure is a small surgery. We are able to keep our patients comfortable by using a local anesthetic, but we have sedation options available to you if you are interested. After the procedure, you may experience swelling and pain, but it should subside after a few days or up to a week. We do several follow-up appointments to take new images and make sure it is healing as it should.

Schedule an appointment with our company for new dental implants today!

Services & Types of Dental Implants

Single Full Size Dental Implants

affordable dental implants sioux falls

A single full-size dental implant is the most common type of dental implant we place. It replaces a single tooth, so it is made up of one implant post and one crown. These are often recommended when you are missing one tooth, or a few around your mouth. They offer a brand new, stable and fully functioning tooth. They look 100% natural as well.

Mini Dental Implants

sioux falls implant dentist

Mini dental implants offer the same support and stability that a full-size implant does, the size and shape is just a little smaller. These kinds of dental implants are often recommended when you have a single tooth missing, but your jawbone does not offer the bone support that it needs for a full-size dental implant. Our Sioux Falls implant dentist will recommend the implant that is best for you.

sioux falls dental implants

Full Size Denture Implants

Full-Size denture implants are a popular prosthetic replacement for those missing large portions of their teeth or all of their teeth. These are offered in full mouth dental implants, or partial mouth dental implants. The procedure is a little more extensive and may take a few more appointments due to the amount of work that goes into implant dentures, but they are well worth it!

About Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the most populous city in the state with just over 190,000 people. It continues to grow at a rate of 2.23% each year. Sitting at 1,400 feet above sea level, Sioux Falls experiences highs of 84 degrees in the summer and lows of 10 degrees in the winter. Sioux Falls is known for their gorgeous parks and waterfalls throughout the city. You can visit the South Dakota Battleship Memorial, learn about butterflies at the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove and walk along The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk. The surrounding cities include:

  • Brandon, SD
  • Harrisburg, SD
  • Tea, SD
  • Hartford, DS
  • Lennox, SD
  • Crooks, SD
  • Renner, SD
  • Worthing, SD
  • Humboldt, SD
  • Chancellor, SD
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dental implants?

The dental implant cost varies on the size of implant needed, the location of the implant, and additional materials that may be needed. To get the most accurate estimate, schedule a consultation!

Are there implant dentists near me?

If you live in Sioux Falls or surrounding cities, yes! We have been helping the community for over 20 years with dental implants.

Does the dental implantation hurt?

We are able to keep our patients comfortable during the procedure with a local anesthetic.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages of dental implants. The most common ones include:

  1. Improving speech- when you lose many teeth, your speech can be affected.
  2. Prevent future bone loss- when you lose teeth, your jawbone starts to deteriorate where the tooth used to be. Dental implants prevent this from happening. It prevents the ‘sunken in’ look that happens when you are missing many teeth.
  3. Confidence- your dental implants can restore the confidence you once had!

Who can get a dental implant?

Potentially, anyone with a missing tooth is a candidate for a dental implant. We take medical history and current lifestyle into consideration when recommending a dental implant.

How long does healing take?

The healing process for a dental implant is around 3-6 months, depending on the location of the tooth.

How do you take care of dental implants?

If you maintain good oral health by flossing and brushing, your dental implant will be taken care of and can last the rest of your life. We also advise that you do not smoke with dental implants.

How are dental implants placed?

It is a minor surgery, the gum tissue is pulled back, we make an opening in the jawbone for the implant and it is placed. We take many images and measurements to ensure it is in the correct position. Then we place a few sutures to close up your gum tissue.

Patient Testimonials & Dental Implant Reviews

“I’m convinced they have the lowest dental implant cost Sioux Falls can offer! I shopped around a few different offices, and they had the best implant cost. Not only do they have great dental implant prices, they did amazing work in my mouth. I love my new dental implants!”

Perry M.

“When I was told implant dentures would be best for my missing teeth, I did not know where to turn. I searched ‘dental implants sioux falls sd’ and Dental Implants Sioux Falls came up. I’m so glad I found them. My implant dentures have changed my life and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Carl F.

"The care and service I received at Dental Implants Sioux Falls was outstanding! I am so grateful they took the time to answer my questions, make me feel comfortable, and did not pressure me into any treatment. I was able to make my own decisions with out feeling pressured.”

Bailey P.

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Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth. They are permanent, stable and easy to manage. We strive to provide the best dental implants at a great price. We are proud to have the most educated implant dentist Sioux Falls has ever had! Our staff is friendly and ready to help you with your implant needs.

A dental implant can improve your life in so many ways. Regain the confidence you lost when your teeth were removed. You deserve the smile again and feel good about it. If you are looking for ‘cheap dental implants sioux falls’, you know where to go! Call Dental Implants Sioux Falls today!

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